• The various services of the Shri Shri Shirdi Saibaba Trust Thanjavur,


    The Trust’ regularly organize annadhanam daily both afternoon and evening for more than fifty poor under privilaged children and prasadam for more than thousand devotees on all thursdays. In addition we also arrange full sumptuous annadhanam for nearly two thousand devotees on all four Baba’s important sacred day.


    The trust also provide medical benefits for deserving poor devotees. Including arranging spl. Medical camps.


    Sri Shirdi Sai Trust Krishnankarai Chennai has organized for the past three years financial assistance for more than hundred deserving students in our Shirdi Sai Mandir.




    Reading & Library

    We maintain a proper reading room with books, magazines and article for devotees knowledge through sai spiritual showers and Baba’s Glory. We have made arranging by scholars to read sai sat charthram and explain sai leelas on every thursdays for devotees.


    We are arranging daily yoga class from 6.30 to 7.30 am in the temple premises for the benefits of all devotees in coordination with Thanjai valanaadu Manavalakalai mandram Trust a unit of WCSC.
    Further every year we celebrate world yoga day.